Ruby|Web Conference 2010


Nicholas Audo

Session: Make Friends and Influence People with HTML5
Twitter: naudo

Nicholas Audo got started programing PHP back in 2005. He has worked on several projects in the Financial Industry and is a convert to Ruby. He has been working with Fleet Ventures for the past year focusing on Ruby on rails.

Receiving his bachelors degree in Computer Science from Neumont University, Nicholas now works as a team lead at Fleet Ventures writing the next generation of medical software.

He is a big fan of skiing, foreign languages, and movies particularly in German.

BJ Clark

Session: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love HTML, CSS and Javascript
Twitter: robotdeathsquad

BJ Clark is an artist/scientist and has been designing and building web sites and applications since 1998. He is an avid rails developer (since version 0.9) and agilista who is as comfortable with product design and UX as he is with scaling and distributed system architecture. He currently works for and can be found at

Alistair Cockburn

Session: The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Samurai, and How That Helps Rubyists
Twitter: TotherAlistair

Dr. Alistair Cockburn was voted one of the "The All-Time Top 150 i-Technology Heroes" in 2007 for his pioneering work in understanding use cases and for co-creating the agile software development movement. He is an internationally renowned IT strategist, expert on agile development, use cases, process design, project management, and object-oriented design, author of the Crystal agile methodologies, three Jolt-awarded books on software development, the co-author of the Agile Manifesto and the project management Declaration of Interdependence. He is known for his lively presentations and interactive workshops. His articles, talks, poems and blog are online at

Nick Howard

Session: Extreme Performance with Mirah and Dubious
Twitter: baroquebobcat

Nick Howard is a Ruby developer and enthusiast. He likes long walks through the mountains with his dog, and submitting patches on github. He contributes to Dubious, a web framework written in Mirah. Nick works at Gnip in Boulder, CO.

Evan Light

Session: iOS Eye for the Rails Guy
Twitter: elight

Evan is a Ruby developer by way of C and Java who recently learned the wonders of iPad development.

Pat Maddox

Session: Takin' the railway down to the seaside
Twitter: patmaddox

Ruby dude

Brad Midgley

Session: Coming soon... 3D without plugins
Twitter: bmidgley

Brad Midgley thought it would be a good idea to earn two degrees in computer science, from the University of Utah and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He can mostly be found tinkering these days with ruby on rails, mobile programming, and embedded computers.

Luigi Montanez

Session: Search Friendly Web Development
Twitter: LuigiMontanez

Luigi is a Ruby developer with the Sunlight Labs: a non-profit organization focused on opening up government data, and then creating tools and apps around that data. He has been a Rubyist since 2006.

Joe O'Brien

Session: Your Customers Aren't Stupid and Your Coworkers Are Not Incompetent
Twitter: objo

I am a father, business owner, speaker and developer. In 2006 I co-founded EdgeCase, a leading Ruby and Ruby on Rails training and consulting company. We have had a tremendous amount of success helping companies as large as GAP and AT&T Interactive as well as those startups still in the inception stage. Through a partnership with the Pragmatic Programmers, we have been giving training for well over three years on testing and development with Ruby on Rails. I am a speaker and have spoken at conferences ranging from RailsConf to numerous regional conferences and countless user groups.

David Richards

Session: Integrating Web Apps
Twitter: drichards

David Richards is an entrepreneur, software developer and technology enthusiast. When not writing code for fun and profit, he can be found lost in a bookstore or dreaming of the reclusive life in a mountain cabin listening to the flow of water down a nearby stream.

Brian Sam-Bodden

Session: Trellis: A Component-Oriented Web Framework
Twitter: bsbodden

Brian Sam-Bodden is a developer, author and speaker that has spent over fifteen years building software in variety of languages. In the last four years his concentration has been on the Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails framework (although he still gets paid to do Java when no one is watching). Brian heads Integrallis, a Ruby/Groovy/Java shop with offices in Columbus, Ohio and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Rogelio J. Samour

Session: No Sudo for You!
Twitter: therubymug

Born in El Salvador, Rogelio started tinkering with computers when his dad gave him a Tandy in the early Eighties. He received a degree from Arkansas Tech University in 2003 and is passionate about using Computer Science to solve complex problems. Things Ro thinks are rad: Vim, Ruby, Rails, Linux, Open Source, Quantum Leap, Murdock from "The A-Team," basketball, "MacGyver," "Seinfeld," "Monk," chess, and long walks on the beach (with his wife). He likes Middle Eastern cuisine and dislikes talking about himself in the third person.

Matthew Thorley

Session: Dirt Simple Datamining
Twitter: padwasabimasala

Matthew loves Jesus, his wife and four kids; and enjoys the light of the sun, the woods, reading books, good food, and writing software. Professionally, he is a developer at Globalbased Technologies where helps run and develop their data mining applications.

Matt White

Session: How TDD and CDD make your apps suck less
Twitter: whitethunder922

Matt left the Java and PHP worlds for Ruby and Rails 3 years ago and has never looked back. He is passionate about creating useful apps that can be proven to be solid through good testing.

Charles Max Wood

Session: The Power of Middleware - Building Your Own Mini Web Framework on Rack
Twitter: charlesmaxwood

Charles Max Wood became involved in the Ruby and Rails communities 4 years ago while trying to solve some management problems. He soon left management to become a full time developer.

Since then, he has become the primary contributor at and is always looking for new ways to give back to the Ruby and Rails communities.

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